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Open Source Drivers

Note: The source code available for download below includes drivers for our hardware and telephony application software. They are deemed stable and bug free with only the hardware drivers ever being updated to support later Linux kernels.

This source code is for the benefit of our customers with existing telephony products and are not recommended for new projects.

For customers wishing to develop new products or commence new projects with our telephony hardware, we recommend our next generation telephony drivers (libctpp) and application software supported by it. Contact sales for more details.


  • Install guides

    See the README files in the downloads for instructions
  • API documentation

    Run 'make doc' in the vpb-driver source and see: src/libvpb/doc/doc_user/html/index.html
  • Failover Box Manual

    Detailed information on the Failover Box including features, specifications, illustrated configurations, the serial interface programming command set and examples. .
  • libctpp Our next generation telephony driver. Contact sales for source code.
    • For OpenPCI and OpenPRI v3 cards only
    • Support for Linux kernels from 2.6.32 to 3.16
    • Supports our next generation call recording application VTlogger
    • OpenPCI requires firmware 18 or later - please contact us if you require an upgrade

  • vpb-driver-4.2 (updated 29 September 2014). For all cards except OpenSwitch6
    • Support for Linux kernels from 2.6.13 to 3.16
    • Supports CTServer-3.20
    • Debian packages available in Lenny, Squeeze, Wheezy, and Sid
    • OpenPCI requires firmware 14 or later - please contact us if you require an upgrade

  • vpb-driver-4.0 (updated 27 Dec 2006) for all cards
    • New driver structure for the OpenPCI and OpenSwitch12
    • Support for Linux kernels up to 2.6.18
    • Supports CTServer-3.4
    • Last support for OpenSwitch6


  • VTlogger - Free voice logging / call recording application with web based administration and real time monitoring. Build your own voice logger or call recorder for a fraction of the price of commercial, closed source systems!

VTlogger is our latest call recording application developed using libctpp, our next generation telephony driver.
Supported telephony hardware includes OpenPRI v3 and OpenPCI cards.
Contact sales for source code and installation details.

CT Server with OpenPBX

  • CT Server a library for programming CT applications for Voicetronix cards.
    Perl-based interface, easy to use, powerful, and client/server architecture.
    Check out the samples or fire up OpenPBX, our small office PBX implementation.
    This CT Server package includes install documentation, samples, and the source code.
  • CTServer 3.20 (8 Aug 2010) :
    • use with vpb-driver-4.2.x
  • CTServer 3.4 (27 Oct 2006) :
    • use with vpb-driver-4.0
Win32 Driver


  • Windows Installer (8 Aug 2003) OpenLine cards only

  • vpb-driver-2.4.3 (28 April 2005) OpenLine, OpenLog cards only.


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