Voicetronix Programming Guide

Legal Notice
Table of Contents
Initialization and Shutdown
Error Handling
Playing and Recording Audio
DTMF and Programmable Tone Generation
Tone Detection
Automated Tone Training
WAVE File and AU File Functions
Get Digits Functions
Call Progress Functions
VOX Functions
Pip Functions
Miscellaneous Functions
Function Reference


This document describes how to program Voicetronix computer telephony cards using the Voicetronix Voice Processing Board API (VPBAPI).

Unless otherwise stated, the term VPB (Voice Processing Board) will refer to all Voicetronix cards. The VPBs are programmed via the VPB Application Programmer Interface, a set of C callable functions provided as a Windows 32 bit DLL (Windows), or a user-mode library (Linux & FreeBSD) . This will be referred to as the VPBAPI, or just API.

For installation details please see the README file for your operating system, located in vpb-driver/.

Please refer to the README files, driver source code, and code examples for the latest information on using Voicetronix cards.

FCC Compliance Statement for OpenLine4: Complies with Part 68 Rules, Certification #VTX-AUS-46040-PT-T, AC-REN 0.6B, DC-REN NA.